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Fox Valley Technical College

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Fox Valley Institute of Technology is a member of the Higher Education Commission, after the Central Committee of the United States recognized. Fox Valley Institute of Technology set up more than 200 associate degree, technical diploma and certificate courses, major professional courses include electrical equipment, aircraft electronics, computer control engineering, diesel mechanical equipment, natural resources technology, outdoor power equipment technology, welding production, Residential construction, car repair and repair technology, web development and design and wood manufacturing technology. Fox Valley Technical College now has 47,000 full-time and part-time students each month, with approximately 1,500 career plan graduates and approximately 700 high school students receiving a General Education Diploma / HSED and about 200 students completing internship programs. After graduating from Fox Valley Technical College 92% of the successful employment.


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Fox Valley Technical College: Located in Appleton, Wisconsin suburb, Fox Valley Technical College is a medium-sized public community college founded in 1912 with about 10,974 enrolled students.

Fox Valley Technical College offers two years of Associate Degree and Diploma programs in fields of business, management, marketing, hygiene and related matters, homeland security, law, fire protection and other related disciplines.
福克斯谷技术学院:福克斯谷技术学院(Fox Valley Technical College)位于威斯康辛州郊区阿普尔顿(Appleton),是一所中等大小的公立社区学院,学校成立于1912年,在校学生人数约10,974。




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